Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bright Colors = Bright Mood

On a dark and down day, wear bright colors to change the mood. You can wear black with a bright shirt. For the girls who don't like brightest colors, if you mix gray and yellow, it comes out really good. A lot of the time if you mix yellow with anything it brightens things up, and it looks really good.

Also pink looks good with a lot of things. But, I do know a lot of girls who don't like pink because it's "Too girly!" Pink sometimes can be the best thing to an outfit, just to brighten things up. I love to wear pink because it really makes anything look good. Another color that is super pretty is Coral. Coral is not orange and is not pink, it's a mix. It is really in style right now. My personal opinion, is that coral goes with anything. 

A nice outfit that is really easy to put together, is a white long sleeved T-shirt; coral colored jeans; a jean jacket; for shoes it's really quite optional, but since to me it's more of a "Chilly outside" outfit, I usually wear boots. There you go, a nice, pretty outfit, that isn't over the top, or too worn out looking. And, you can mix these colors too!