Monday, December 30, 2013

Framing A Quote

There are a lot of cute ways to fill an empty frame. I like to layer scrapbook paper, decorate it with stickers and sparkles, and put one of my favorite quotes in it. In this post, I will show you step by step how to make and personalize a quote. Let's get started!

What you need:

A frame

Scrapbook paper

Stickers and sparkles




Your favorite quote(s)

  1. First, take the glass out of your frame. Put the glass on your first piece of paper. Using your pencil, trace around the glass. Remove the glass and cut along the line you made.
  2. Center and glue a second paper onto the first paper. (Your second paper should be smaller than the first paper).
  3. Write your quote out on a separate piece paper or print it out. It will look better if it is on a solid colored paper.
  4. Center and glue your quote onto the second paper. Make sure the paper your quote is on is smaller than your scrapbook paper, so that the pretty designs frame the quote.
  5. Decorate your quote with stickers and sparkles.
  6. Put the glass back into the frame. Put your quote into the fame quote side down.
  7. Hang your quote on your wall and marvel at your work!