Monday, January 13, 2014

Closet 101

Want more time? Get organized! 

It's an easy way to have time, space, and fun. When you're organized, you don't have to constantly clean your room, you know where everything is, and you don't need to always stress. The best part is, you can have fun while organizing. 

Like my mom, I am crazy about everything being in it's place, so I have turned the organizing and cleaning into a makeover. When I look at a closet where the clothes are on the floor, and I can't see shoes, or the laundry basket is overflowing, all that is running through my mind is: “A new project!!!” 

Since closets are my favorite organizing subject, I'm going to share all my secrets with you.
Open your closet, look around. Do you know where your belts are? Your shoes? Can you see them? If so, good for you. If not, that is exactly what this post is about.

First trick: Don't put the stuff that goes together into different places. I keep everything I wear close to each other, belts, shoes, scarfs, all my accessories with all my clothes. So when I need something to go with my outfit, it's right there.

Second trick: Color. I know a lot of people who organize their clothes by color. It looks great! If you know what color you want to match with that outfit, you just go to that section or pile and pick the style. Unfortunately that did not work to well for me. So while I was reorganizing, I found another strategy, style. I match tanks with tanks, t-shirts with t-shirts, long sleeves with long sleeves, etc.

Third trick: I have a lot of shoes. Not as many as I want, but a lot. One way to get your shoes out of the way is to get them into one place where you can just kick them into. So you don't have to get on the ground and hunt down the matches. I put all my shoes into a narrow (big) box that slides under my shelve that my clothes are on.

Forth trick: Boxes, bins, and baskets. They can be very convenient for the stuff that doesn't fold or hang up. I have a ton of boxes, just so that I don't have to look at it falling off the shelves all the time. I put my P.J.'s in boxes, bathing suits, scarves, etc. They work very nicely for clothes too, I did not particularity like the way it looked in my closet. My little sisters do this, and it is very easy for them to put away clothes (and even better for my mom because she doesn't have to see them hanging off the shelves!)

To keep it this way, try to pay more attention to your closet. Fold your clothes instead of dumping them on the shelves. Line up your shoes. Get your accessories into some bins!

So you can go from this...

To this...
 What are some tricks you have to keep organized?