Thursday, January 2, 2014

Natural Glow

Everyone has had their makeup moment. For some of us, it's dancing in the bathroom when your eye shadow finally came out right. And for others, it's letting your friend smear eyeliner all over your face. Ugh! If none of these has happened to you, crack open your makeup and let’s get started!

The makeup we will be doing is natural (let's start small). 

The makeup I used was, Great Lash Mascara; E.L.F. Eye primer; E.L.F All Over Blush stick; A peach shade of eye shadow and a brown shade; and Mineral Wear Powder.

For brushes I used a small shadow brush #1; Sponge tip brush; Powder Brush; Blush Brush; Tipped Blush Brush. The Blush Brush I didn't end up using it.

Use the tipped blush brush to blend the powder into your cheek.
Lightly smear the blush stick. You can use any blush.

Smear some of the eye primer on the lid of your eye.
Once the eye liner has dried, lightly apply the brown eye shadow with the sponge tip brush.
Use the small shadow brush to apply the peach eye shadow under the brow line.
Apply the mascara to bring out the eyeshadow.
This is what my model's natural glow looked like, how did yours come out?