Monday, January 27, 2014

The Mother Daughter Book Club

The book I will be sharing today is The Mother Daughter Book Club

In The Mother Daughter Book Club four girls, Emma Hawthorne, Jess Delany, Megan Wong, and Cassidy Sloane think it is torture when their moms decide to start a book club with them involved. Their moms pick the classic Little Women for all of them to read. At first, the girls are horrified because it's to "must-dusty-old," but then they start relating their lives to the lives of the four sisters in Little Women.  So when the mean girl at school Becca Chadwick steals Emma's diary and reads it out loud, the girls can't help but wonder, what would the the March sisters do?

The Mother Daughter Book Club is mostly for girls ages 9-13. It was written by Heather Vogal Fredrick. It was published year 2007 and has 256 pages. 
Hope you like it!!

This book is a series: