Monday, February 17, 2014

All About Boots

I have a lot of boots, and since there are four other girls in my house, I have seen a lot of different boots. I’m going to show you what boots go best with what clothes, and what effect they give.

Here we have Combat Boots. These laced boots give that funky look you want! Combat Boots are usually worn with pants, tights, and leggings. But they have also been known to look “FABULOUS!” with shorts. I think combat boots are not a bad investment at all, and they can be worn in several ways. Combat boots are daring, funky, and cute. I love all the laces and zippers!!! I think wearing them would not be a problem.  

Knee high boots are chic and sweet. These boots have been worn many different ways, but are known to be rocked with skinny jeans or comfortable jeggings. But to look sassy and original, lots of girls wear them with skirts, dresses, and sometimes shorts. These chic boots are something you will wear all the time. I know I do! 

Next we have an almost knee high boots but these are bumped. These boots resemble the knee high boots quite well, but are not as tall and they have a heel. Bumped tall boots can be worn with anything, and don't have to be worn with pants, tights, or leggings when worn with a dress or skirt.These bumped tall boots have a slightly tipped up toe, and buckles on the side, and the sides are slightly curved in on one side (they almost look like cowboy boots!) These are professional and pretty boots, so don't just wear them, work them!

Next we have a mid length boot that comes at your shin. I always wear my jeggings with mid length boots and a puffy shirt. You can wear mid length boots with almost anything, but I would not recommend wearing these with capri's or capri leggings, there is quite a gap in between. These boots come about 5-6 inches up from your ankle, and are securely fit around your shin. Mid length boots are sassy, chic, and totally cute! 

Fuzzy and adorable, next is mid length fuzzy boots. These are mid length boots that are fuzzy and furry on the inside. These keep your tootsie's warm and you stylish. I like these boots in the fall, because not only do you look cute, they are very hard to get dirty and broken. Mid length boots are also great for outside fun! These boots are for sure to keep you warm, cozy, cute, and fuzzy!

 Unlike a lot of other boots they do not come higher than your ankle, and they poof out a little bit. Ankle boots are sassy, sweet, and short! These ankle boots are slip on's, but some have a zipper. They securely fit on your foot, and do not slip off when you walk. Ankle boots can be worn with anything, that is why I like them so much! The boots below have a braided cuff around the top, which I think is adorable!

I hope you  liked the boots shown. I would like to know what you think, please give me your input in a comment or the contact tab!

XO AnnaD