Monday, February 3, 2014

All That Good Stuff

On my last organization post (Closet 101) I showed you my closet tricks. Today, we're going to organize perfume, hair stuff, etc. You probably use this stuff a lot, so you should put it somewhere you always look.

Find all of your hair bands, head bands, and clips. Separate them into piles, put each pile into a container. Jars are great for storing hair accessories and they also help you know where they are.  You can also put brushes and combs in a large jar.  (Oh, and if you can't find them, their probably "hiding" under your bed!)  I keep hair spray next to my jars full of hair bands and such.  You can also label your containers, it gives a really funky and fun look!
Perfume and deodorant, along with all that other stuff that smells good, is important to keep track of; but if you do lose it, just give me a call so i can get my nose plug ready! To store this stuff, I found a really cute purple box that is perfect.  I labeled it and it looks awesome! Of course, this container does not fit over five bottles, but I still think it's cute.

You know how whenever you need to use your hair dryer, curling iron, or straightener, you have to get it out, plug it in, and then unplug it, and put it away? I don't have to! I simply put tacks in the side of my bookshelf (which I use to put all the stuff above on) and hung up my hair dryer and curling iron. It also works for straighteners, but I don't have one. Now, all I have to do is grab it and use it!
I hope you all enjoyed this post and had fun with your own organizing! Please share your ideas with me by going to the contact page or post a comment below!