Saturday, March 29, 2014

11 Birthdays

The book I will be reviewing today is called 11 Birthdays.

Amanda and Leo have always had their birthdays together, but after a certain fight on their 10 birthday, Amanda decided she would never speak to Leo again. A year passes and it's their 11 birthday. Amanda is still not talking to Leo, so of course, she is not having her party with him. Amanda wakes up on her birthday excited, your only 11 once! But instead of perfect, everything goes wrong. So when it's over, Amanda is relieved to have it all behind her. But when she wakes up in the morning, it's her 11 birthday again! Will it ever end?!

11 Birthdays is a book mostly for girls ages 8-13. It was written by Wendy Mass. It was published in 2010 and it has 272 pages. I hope you enjoy this book!!
This book is the first book in the Willow Falls Series.

I hope you enjoy this book review!!!

XO AnnaD

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ribbon Bow

About a month ago, I was at Claire's. They had this really cute chevron bow, I glanced at price tag and saw that it was five dollars!  I checked around for a cheaper chevron bow, but that was it. I did some more checking around and there was another bow... it was nine dollars! I understand that I am a cheap person, and probably a lot of you would buy this bow, but some of you wouldn't. So this post is here to show you how to make a bow, instead of buying one. 

What you need: 

A bobby pin or craft wire

 Seal the edges of all ribbon with lighter. Spread out four of your fingers and drape one tail end over it. Wrap it around your fingers two times. Make sure your ends stick out a little on each side, also that your edges come right in the lining of each other.
 Pinch the center of your folded ribbon. Wrap your craft wire around the spot you pinched, keeping the spot secure. If you don't have craft wire (I didn't), use a bobby pin or hair clip to hold it.
Put a dollop of hot glue on top of the craft wire, or in the center of the bobby pin. Place one edge of the 6 inch ribbon on the glue. If you're using a bobby pin, remove it . Wrap the ribbon around the center, and around the craft wire. When your ribbon has made it all the way around, place another dollop of glue where the first edge is glued. Cut off leftover ribbon and save.
Glue the leftover ribbon onto the clip's surface. Place a dollop of glue in the center of the clip, press the back of the bow on to the glue. 
Spread out the folds. And ta-da! A beautiful bow! Tell me what you think of this tutorial by posting a comment below, or by using the contact tab.

XO AnnaD

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Different Looks... Same Purpose

This accessory is the kind that every girl has. Something to keep your lip balm in, cash, and other needs that are precious. A Purse. 

There are a lot of different kind of purses. Like the clutch, a purse that you hold in your hand, and keep small stuff in. This purse is great for the gals who don't enjoy straps, and don't have much to hold. Most women wear their clutches with dresses to add to their out-to-dinner look. But are great when you need something small and fast, to grab and go! I got this clutch from Kiki Magazine. 

The next purse has many personalities. A wristlet is a purse that is basically a wallet in a strap, of course, there are other parts to it, though. A wristlet can fit your phone, credit card, your ID, mine can also fit chap stick. This purse-in-wallet form is great for girls who don't want to carry around a bag all day. Really this purse could go with anything, and it is so adorable! But don't put it down anywhere... you might forget it! 
This purse is on the larger side, which is great for girls who have a lot to carry around. A tote is a purse with hand bag style handles, and a deep outline. I usually chose this purse for when I want to carry my note book (which is to big to fit into my other purses), my wallet, and the works. Another one of my favorite things about this purse is that it matches everything!! I made this tote.

Our last purse, will be an cross body purse. A cross body purse is great for girls who need their hands, and don't have room for a handbag, a tote, etc. These purses tend to have a lot of room, so that's another plus.  I got this cross body purse from Vera Bradley. 

Thanks for reading this post! Tell me what you think by leaving a comment below, or use the contact tab! 

XO AnnaD

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Makeup Shape Up

Organizing your makeup can be a difficult thing, especially if you have a lot of it! But I find it a lot easier when you make up your mind on where, how, and what everything will be fit in to. In my last organization post (All That Good Stuff) I showed you how I organized my hair accessories, perfumes, and much more. These organizing tips are headed in the same direction.
Where will all of your makeup will go? My night stand by my bed side has two drawers, so I am using that.
How will everything be arranged. A good idea would be to draw an outline of how you will you will put stuff in it's place. Excuse my bad drawing ;)
What will everything go in? To store the makeup, I used a few different things. For the brushes and liquid makeup, I used a jar. The soaps, cotton balls, and q-tips are all stored in little plastic cups. The cups are great because if the soaps are damp, they have room to dry. My powder, blush, and eyeshadow all lay flat on the drawer where I can see them. If you do not have room to lay them flat, small containers work very well. (I have tried this method before).
My top drawer isn't really that organized. My nail polish and lip gloss just roll around wherever they please. I know it isn't perfect, but it is what they do... roll!
I hope you enjoyed this post. I would like to know your organizing tricks! Tell me by posting a comment below or using the contact tab!

XO AnnaD