Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Different Looks... Same Purpose

This accessory is the kind that every girl has. Something to keep your lip balm in, cash, and other needs that are precious. A Purse. 

There are a lot of different kind of purses. Like the clutch, a purse that you hold in your hand, and keep small stuff in. This purse is great for the gals who don't enjoy straps, and don't have much to hold. Most women wear their clutches with dresses to add to their out-to-dinner look. But are great when you need something small and fast, to grab and go! I got this clutch from Kiki Magazine. 

The next purse has many personalities. A wristlet is a purse that is basically a wallet in a strap, of course, there are other parts to it, though. A wristlet can fit your phone, credit card, your ID, mine can also fit chap stick. This purse-in-wallet form is great for girls who don't want to carry around a bag all day. Really this purse could go with anything, and it is so adorable! But don't put it down anywhere... you might forget it! 
This purse is on the larger side, which is great for girls who have a lot to carry around. A tote is a purse with hand bag style handles, and a deep outline. I usually chose this purse for when I want to carry my note book (which is to big to fit into my other purses), my wallet, and the works. Another one of my favorite things about this purse is that it matches everything!! I made this tote.

Our last purse, will be an cross body purse. A cross body purse is great for girls who need their hands, and don't have room for a handbag, a tote, etc. These purses tend to have a lot of room, so that's another plus.  I got this cross body purse from Vera Bradley. 

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XO AnnaD