Saturday, April 12, 2014

Perfect Manicure

I change my nail polish every week to keep it fresh and pretty. This week I realized that I SERIOUSLY NEEDED A MANICURE.

So I heated up some water and added some rose petals for clean fingers and a soft cuticles. Next I mixed up a batch of my favorite sugar scrubs.
Sugar Scrub Cubes:
1/4 cup Coconut Oil
1/2 cup Shredded Soap
3-4 drops of Essential Oil
1 cup Sugar
2 drops of Food Coloring


Put the coconut oil and the soap in a bowl; for ten seconds, put it in the microwave. Continue to stir every ten seconds until it is melted. Add the essential oil, food coloring, and sugar. Press into ice cube mold and freeze for 20 minutes.
I rubbed this on my fingers and after a few minutes I rinsed it all off. Then I pushed back my cuticles, and remove any dirt stuck in my nails. Also I filed my nails to make sure they were even, at this point, I was actually thinking my nails were starting to look good!!
Next all that is basically left was to paint my nails, I always think this is fun part. For my finger nails I just put on a shear coat of pink, but on my toe nails, I did a coat of red and put white polka dots on top.
The sugar scrub is a great moisturizer, so I always use this when I take a bath or shower. And also this manicure technique, can be used as a pedicure. I hope you enjoyed these ideas, please tell me your ideas in a comment below, or on the contact tab.

XO AnnaD