Saturday, May 31, 2014

5 Easy and Small Accessories

I've noticed lately that since it's summer, it's harder to pick out something to wear. You have a mix of things you're going to do, and they all involve two things shorts and a T-shirt. It's really hard to wear nice clothes because, what if they get ruined playing outside? Or get soaked at a water park? I have the solution. Wear a T-shirt and shorts. But use small things to make it look nicer. Accessories can be the perfect touch to an outfit, even if it's something small.

1. A locket or a heart necklace is perfect because it sends out a summer-y look.

2. A headband keeps the hair out of your face and it can be just right for a not to laid back look.

3. Bracelets. Bracelets make every thing look good! 

4. Strap-y sandals are a great touch because even though every sandal is different, they all add something.

5.  Wearing all of these together makes an especially great look and it makes your shorts and t-shirt look awesome!

I hope this gives you some accessory ideas for the summer, let me know your favorite accessories in the comments below!!

XO AnnaD