Sunday, May 18, 2014

All-Natural Products You Own

Lately I've been wanting to try out some all natural and earth-friendly things to put on my face. So I did a little researching, and I found a few awesome recipes. I really love these because you know what is on your face and what is taking off my makeup, etc. 

  • My first favorite is coconut oil. My mom was already using it for a moisturizer, and since my dad was using it to cook his eggs I did not want that on my face! But, while I was researching, I found that one of the most popular ingredients used was coconut oil. So I started using this as my moisturizer, and my makeup remover. 
  •   Another makeup remover is olive oil, I thought this was great if I was out of coconut oil, I could turn to this as an alternative. All you do is rub it on and the makeup will smear, take a dry cloth and swipe the smears and off comes the makeup! One recipe said to mix witch hazel with the olive oil, but the blogger said this stung the eyes. 
  • Aloe Vera gel was also a common makeup remover, this will defiantly be my makeup remover when I have a sunburn. 
  • A slice of cucumber can remove eye makeup. Who knew?
  • This sugar scrub for lips is earth-friendly and amazingly... yummy, but seriously. And my body scrub, is also all-natural.
Have fun with these, and if you have any all-natural things, please share in a comment below!