Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer 2014

Last summer was extremely boring. Like seriously. So this year, my older sister and I decided to start a club. But this isn't any ordinary club... it is a bucket list club. We only have a two girls, and it's big enough considering some of our ideas involve a little money. We started by stressing over a name (Pocket List Club), if you ask me this is the hardest part. Next everybody wrote down what they wanted to during the summer (one person wanted to go indoor skydiving, can you guess how that argument turned out?) 

Then we wrote them all down on small strips of paper and folded them like a "pocket". 

We divided up our ideas into 3 sections, DIY (no cost), Money spender, and Money maker. This worked out perfectly, if we wanted to do something like go mini-golfing, we would draw out of the money maker jar and do that first. Where we were going to store these ideas involved a lot of thinking, but we decide on peanut butter jars. There was only one problem, they had wrappers... blah! At first we tried to remove the wrappers, but failed, so we ended up covering them in scrapbook paper. 

Since we had all of these jars, we also decided to make a piggy bank for the club, so all the money we would make would go in there. Notice it is empty.  

We also decorated a binder and filled it with scrapbook paper and lined paper. We would put our pictures in here and a description of what we did. 

We stored everything in a box, and we decided not to decorate it because everyone had to go, but you can if you like.

I am going to post some things we did over the summer, so if you decide to do something like this, you have some ideas. Bye!

XO AnnaD