Saturday, June 21, 2014

10 Fun Ideas For the Summer

Hey guys!!!
I think everyone will enjoy this post because it has some ideas for the summer. I, personally, get so bored during the summer, I just don't know what to do!! So this year, I, and a bunch of girls planned fun things to do in the summer. Here are some of these ideas...

  1. Start a club. Get involved with girls!
  2. Go blueberry picking.
3. Get wet! make a splash! Maybe a slip and slide, maybe go to a wading pool, or be like all of the people in my house and play in the hose!

4. Make a scrapbook.

5. Have a spa day.

6. Go to the movies. Regal and Carmike are having their movie express.

7. MAKE ice cream!!!! Totally fun idea and so yummy! 
this photo is from spoonful.
Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag

8. Go bowling.

9. Skate centers usually have a summer deal. Sunshine skate center and Dreamland are the closest here.

10. Planet gymnastics open gym is awesome, you definitely get your moneys worth! 

These are just a few simple ideas for this summer, what do you do during the summer? What are some of your favorite DIYs and Did-its for the summer? 

XO AnnaD