Saturday, July 19, 2014

DIY Magnet Board

In my last post I told you guys my mom and I had arranged my room. It's been a few weeks and I decided my decorations were out of date too. So I got to work thinking of what would be easy and simple to do. (Literately, I had ten minutes left until my curfew a.k.a bed time when I was thinking of this. And we can all admit now that we stay up until the very last second....we can't just go to sleep!!)
I saw my magnet board and knew it was perfect for this project.
So what you will need for this DIY is:
  • An old magnet board or magnet sheet
  • A piece of scrapbook paper
  • Tacky spray (glue)
  • Stickers, paper designs, etc.

I removed everything from the board, magnets, stickers, pictures, etc.
Then I sprayed the whole board with the tacky spray. You can use any kind of glue, I just felt like spray would work faster. 
After that, I took my piece of scrapbook paper and evenly pressed it on. Their wasn't any excess, but if there is, cut it off.
I put the different paper designs and stickers on to give it a little something more.
This is my finished master piece. I added my magnets after the board was dry. Hope you enjoyed!!!

Tips and tricks:
  • Work fast with the glue, it will dry 
  • Decorate magnets with glitter, stickers, etc.
  • Glue a magnet onto your most used makeup, or chap sticks
  • Bobby pins are magnetic, stick them on magnets so they never get lost

XO AnnaD

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Updated!! New Makeup Storage!

Recently I wanted to change up my room. So I told my mom and we did it. Like seriously. It was awesome!
But I needed to change more than my room. I said farewell to two pieces of furniture, and hello to one giant looking book shelf. So all my "toys" went on to this shelf. And since the handy little night stand that I had my makeup in is finally being used as a night stand, my makeup went on to this shelf as well.  
The bookshelf is from target, it was about $30.
 So this is the close up for my hair and makeup. I found a few new organizing tricks.
 First comes my makeup. Now one thing I am very proud of is the buckets, they are adorable. These buckets are from one of my favorite store in the world! Drum roll please.... Dirt cheap! These bucket are originally from target and they were $3 each. A few weeks later I found the same buckets at dirt cheap for $.50 each. No joke. In the pink bucket are my liquid makeups; in the blue bucket are my blushes and powders; in the orange are my brushes; and in the white, my nail care stuff.
Behind the pink and blue buckets, I keep my purple rectangle bin (from target) full of eye shadow.

 Behind my orange and white bin are my nail dryer and nail polish remover. Then to the side of all of that, I keep my nail polish. It is displayed on two uneven in height boxes.
Next I just have my hair stuff. The bins that my hair stuff is being stored in, are definitely my favorite. Anyways, I just keep my hair ties in one bin, headbands in the next and then hair brushes. In the bowl off to the side I keep my hair clips, and behind that my squirt bottle and curlers.
And finally, in a small chest, I keep my lipsticks and lip gloss. They are animals guard them.

So yeah, that is my updated makeup organization/storage. I hope this gave you an idea if you're reorganizing your makeup. Thanks for reading!!

XO AnnaD

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