Saturday, July 19, 2014

DIY Magnet Board

In my last post I told you guys my mom and I had arranged my room. It's been a few weeks and I decided my decorations were out of date too. So I got to work thinking of what would be easy and simple to do. (Literately, I had ten minutes left until my curfew a.k.a bed time when I was thinking of this. And we can all admit now that we stay up until the very last second....we can't just go to sleep!!)
I saw my magnet board and knew it was perfect for this project.
So what you will need for this DIY is:
  • An old magnet board or magnet sheet
  • A piece of scrapbook paper
  • Tacky spray (glue)
  • Stickers, paper designs, etc.

I removed everything from the board, magnets, stickers, pictures, etc.
Then I sprayed the whole board with the tacky spray. You can use any kind of glue, I just felt like spray would work faster. 
After that, I took my piece of scrapbook paper and evenly pressed it on. Their wasn't any excess, but if there is, cut it off.
I put the different paper designs and stickers on to give it a little something more.
This is my finished master piece. I added my magnets after the board was dry. Hope you enjoyed!!!

Tips and tricks:
  • Work fast with the glue, it will dry 
  • Decorate magnets with glitter, stickers, etc.
  • Glue a magnet onto your most used makeup, or chap sticks
  • Bobby pins are magnetic, stick them on magnets so they never get lost

XO AnnaD