Monday, September 22, 2014

Ideas On Makeup

I'm sorry guys for not uploading this Saturday! I was really busy... and also I had noooo ideas. But now I have an idea, so all's well that ends well!

Okay so my idea: my makeup ideas.Ta da!!!! I want to share with you what I think of makeup. I wear makeup on a regular basis. One of my friends asked me what I think of makeup. Also she asked if as I get older, I would wear more makeup. I felt as if I am wearing enough as it is!! I am serious about makeup, but I don't think that more makeup is needed. I wrote down all of my thoughts on makeup. Please read through and send me your ideas on makeup.

  • Make up is an exaggerator. It exaggerates your natural beauty. 
  • Most girls 11 to 12 wear makeup. Don't get all denial like on me! Even if it's just mascara or BB cream, it's considered makeup. 
  • Most girls from 11 to 12 don't need concealer. My mom doesn't wear concealer, so if you ever see her sparkling it's not her makeup. 
  • I believe every girl has at least one natural plus to beauty. One at least. 
  • Nail polish is not considered makeup to me. Ever.
  • Mask makeup is not aloud in my world.
  • Some people are against curling lashes. Really, I consider that one of best things you can do to when you don't want to wear any makeup.
  • Every girl is beautiful. God made us that way. No matter what anyone ever tells you, or how anyone ever looks at you, know that you are beautiful in God's eyes. If other people are to stupid to see your beauty. than it's their fault.
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XO for the day!