Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall Outfit Ideas

About three hours ago I was at the start line to the Senior Bowl 5k Run. Two hours later I was at the finish line cheering people on. I am now on the couch watching T.v. and blogging. So yeah blog:
I am in the spirit for fall. "So let the leaves fall- fall, because, when the sun shines it shines forever, I told you the leaves won't stay forever..." Oh that? That was was just a song I re-mixed and have been singing non-stop. Yeah it should get annoying soon. Let us get in the spirit of fall for this post, because I am going to show you some outfits that I have been waiting to wear all summer. Yay!! These outfits can easily be changed out of my bubbly style to your style. The shoes will be added and not included in the description. I am not putting pictures on all of the outfits.Also some of these items were purchased awhile ago. On that note,*cough, the outfits! Don don don!!


OF #1

These jeggings are from American Eagle. The sweater is from Kohles. This outfit in all cost $20.

OF #2
This next outfit consist of the same jeans from above. And an Alabama hoodie from Acadamy. In all the outfit cost $20.

OF #4
The coral skinny jeans are from JCPenny's along with the black and white top. $25 in all.

OF #5
Now I have a pair of high waisted shorts from Kohles. A long-sleeved pink t-shirt is from Target. $13 in all.

Skirts and shirts:

OF #7
The skater skirt is from Kohles. And the tank is from Old Navy. $18.

OF #8
Okay I need to comment. This next skirt is adorable!!!!! It is from Target. And the tank top is from Old Navy. $10 in all.

OF #9
This skort (very comfy by the way) is from Kohles; it is a black skort with pink sparkles. And then the shirt is the tank from above. I don't know where I got this top from. $5.

Dresses for the dressy days:

OF #10
This dress is from Jcpenny's. $10.

OF #11
The dress above is from  Rue 21. I was given the pink jacket thing. $15. The lighting is kinda bad for this pic. Sorry!

OF #12
This dress is from Jcpenny's. $10.

These are a few of my outfits for fall. Hope you liked this post. And now I am going to sleep!

XO AnnaD