Thursday, December 11, 2014

12 Days of Chevron: Day 12: The best gift of all

Welcome back to the 12 Days of Chevron series! Be sure to subscribe to Girls Love Chevron on bloglovin' and blogger! Read below to find another gift...

These past 12 days I have posted handmade gifts to give to your friends and family. Today I don't have a tutorial, or a link, but still something very special. So keep reading!

Christmas is supposed to celebrate love. The love that Jesus gave, the love that Jesus is, and the love that we give to remember that love, and even the love we receive. The real thing we should be celebrating is Jesus. Not the night he was born, not the gifts that he recived, but him. The awesomeness of the fact that God gave his son! To us! That is the best gift known.  And the best we can give.

So come on girlies! Help me by using your creative bone to get this message out there. Show the love, show Jesus, show thankfulness. 

Today is the last day of my series 12 Days of Chevron. I have really enjoyed the craziness, the sighs from my mom, and me typing on my computer trying to make the message come across. It has been so much fun just to see how much everyone has loved this series. I have all my Christmas gifts ready! And I hope to do more stuff like it. 

I am leaving for New York in a half hour. Pray for safe traveling, no accidents of any kind, and for there to be no ice on the roads. I will not be posting again until Girls Love Chevron's anniversary, which is the day after Christmas.

Have a wonderful Christmas! Be creative, spontaneous, and funky! And remember the love, the gift, and the happiness of Christmas. 

XO AnnaD