Saturday, December 27, 2014

Upcoming year:

Hey Girlies! You can't even imagine how deprived I've been feeling not posting. It was a horrible mistake I will never do ever again.

I am still in New York, and will be staying until the eighth of January. I have had an eventful Christmas. Both my mom's and my dad's families are in upstate New York, so we had two Christmas'. A lot of fun, a lot of love, and a lot of presents; despite the fact that New York was our present.

I have some new years resolutions for this blog, and would love to carry them through. Mostly requests. If you have any, let me know by New Years day so I can plan. So far I have: beauty tips, babysitting review, and upcycling old things and garbage. Fun right?!

Oh! I will be reviewing my Christmas presents as well. Very fun stuff! Let me know of anything else. Glad to be back, I will be back....


XO AnnaD