Thursday, January 15, 2015

An Eventful Yesterday!

Yesterday, I set the oven on fire. It was a very big accident that happened when my mother was not home, and all of the kids were. It was crazy. Despite the fact that I took the Red cross babysitting course, I forgot a few steps that are very important. 

First when I started to see and smell smoke, I opened the oven. Because I did, the flames started when the oxygen was given to the heat. Then I left the oven door opened! The flames were licking the stove, and they darkened the buttons. 

My other sisters got the baking soda while I turned off the oven. Then I threw the baking soda on the flames. It filled the air with a fume that made our eyes water. As soon as I got the baking soda in the oven, the flames went out. We left the oven door open for about 45 min before taking the cookie sheet out of the oven and scraped the burnt coconut and almonds into the dumpster outside. 

So in all seriousness, I hope a fire will never happen again. I hope that you guys will never be in that situation. But if you are remember:

  • Keep the door closed (if it's in the oven.)
  • Turn off whatever is feeding the heat.
  • Use baking soda to put out the flames. 
  • Open the windows and doors.
  • Keep all kids younger than you away from the scene. 
 Thanks for reading, have a good day that doesn't involve fire. Bye!!

XO AnnaD