Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mascara Reviews, Application, and Removal {+tips for shopping!}

I have a Mascara post today for you guys! It contains application, removal, and my experience with difference brands. This is for beginners with mascara, I also included some tips. 

I have only used three different brands of mascara before. Usually I find one I really like and keep using it until I find a better one. I will be starting with my first experience: 


Maybelline Great Lash.
I didn't purchase this one to start with. I snuck into my mom's bathroom and used it on special events. Even after she found out I still used. Finally on Christmas I got my own. Maybelline is a great brand. I have had a good experience with all of their products. 

Great Lash is awesome in it's quality and price. It is sold for different prices at a lot of stores. I usually get all of my mascara at Target, seeing that they have the best price. Target sells it for $3.99. A great price for a great product!

My next experience is the E.L.F. Volumizing Mascara. I love this mascara mostly because of the price. It was $2.00 exactly when I bought it. The only thing I do not like about this mascara is when you put it on it is grainy and crusty looking. Once it sets it's great. It's not something I usually bring anywhere. 

My last one is my newest mascara. It is the Revlon Lash Potion (waterproof and volumizing). I bought this one knowing it was waterproof. I did not think that it would take so long for it to come off. I spent at least 10 minutes trying to get it off the first time I used it. Waterproof for sure! I finally found a way to get it off. 

I love the quality, just not the price. I am a very cheep person. So buying a mascara for $10 was a very hard thing for me to do even though I used a gift card. I got this mascara at ulta. 


Applying mascara is not hard at all! Keep a steady hand. Do not point the tip of the wand towards your face. Blinking is okay to do, and can help a lot when applying mascara. Curl your lashes before you apply mascara. If you have long lashes, I don't think it's necessary to curl them every time unless they point out. 

Each mascara is different in how much you need to put on. Don't over do it. Also, if you brush your eyelid with the wand, don't freak out. Use a wet Q-tip to gently dab it away. Don't rub, and don't use any makeup remover. 


Usually mascara just washes off in the shower with some soap. But if you can't get it off  (and don't have access to makeup remover),try vaseline, coconut oil, and baby shampoo. These work! 

Removing waterproof mascara: I use the Simple eye makeup remover. Sometimes it doesn't get the mascara all the way off. If it doesn't, I use the Neutrogena makeup removing wipes


  • Talk to the salesperson, it's their job to give advice. They probably have a recommendation.
  • See if there is a coupon. It's not tacky! It's being (or acting) put together.  
  • If you react to the product, take it back!
I hope this helped you. If you have any extra questions, please let me know. Come back for more posts like this!

XO AnnaD