Saturday, February 21, 2015

Natural Makeup Part 1

Hello! AnnaD here! Today I'm showing you how to do natural face makeup.

It's very easy if you have makeup that likes you. As in, shades that match your skin. It's most important that your foundation or BB Cream matches the powder. Also brushes, are very important to get the smooth un-powdery look.

All of my brushes are by E.L.F. as well as the powder I will be using, but any kind will work. My bb cream is BB Cream Pure by maybelline in the medium sheer tint. For my blush, I use the E.L.F. Pink Lemonade blush stick. Only three products!! You can do this guys!

Alright, let's get into this awesomeness! First what you're going to want to do is evenly apply your foundation or BB cream on your cheeks. Don't put as much on your forehead, the more makeup, the more creases.

Next use the powder like concealer. Brush the spots you want to dial down. Be careful, the more you put on, the oranger or darker you will look. Then using a blush or bronzer brush, apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks. 

That's all! Stay tuned for Part 2 on the Natural Makeup series!

XO AnnaD

The Drama of a Goat Roast

Right now my dad and some guys from church are cutting up two goats. Yep. Cutting up goat. This is normal in my house, about a year ago, we cut up a pig and cooked it. When I tell anybody they recoil in confusion as I explain. 

This morning my dad and the people went to kill the goats. They striped down the goat, keeping the important organs (such as the heart), and then they brought it here. It was interesting at first. But now I'm hiding in my room after running out feeling sick. Blah. The guys are singing in the kitchen while chopping legs. 

They would not hold still!

 The Leg of craziness!

You might be wondering what this is all about, so I am going to tell you. We're having an african night! Only the food will be african, but still. I am very excited! 

Okay, just entered the kitchen again. When I did, a dented knife showed up, and then someone brought the knife down on one of the legs. The meat on the side splattered everywhere. On the floor, and in my hair. YEY! 

So far this is what it's like. Hopefully the rest of the night will not be as crazy! Come back for more posts!

XO AnnaD

Friday, February 13, 2015

Ruby Girl's Club Party - What is Ruby Girls?

Happy-day-before-valentine's-day! I am so excited for tomorrow. Even though I've celebrated Valentine's Day already three times this week, I am still excited.

In my last post, I mentioned something called Ruby Girls Club. Well, here I am to tell you about it and our awesome parties.

Ruby Girls started out as a way for me and my sisters to make friends, We started this club with our only friend, who brought more girls. Ruby Girls got it's name from our first year when we studied Proverbs 31. We got our name from Prov. 31:10.

As the years went on more girls started to come and we were really happy. We were meeting at places besides our house because the large group of girls. We had to split the group in half so that everyone could meet! 

That was the last year with a large number of girls my age. This year we only have 11 year-olds and under (plus my best friend). Ruby Girls is back to where it started as a small group but looking better. 

Now for the party part! I usually help with the parties, but not this time.... I'm doing it! I get to plan the snack list, the games, and when everything will playout. 

I was very excited today. I recommend standing up and doing something like this once in awhile, it really blessed the moms who got to talk and I am pretty sure the kids had fun! It was a great experience for me, and I hope if you try to plan a party you let me know! 

Thanks for reading!
XO AnnaD

Monday, February 9, 2015

Making Valentines in Bulk Special + Some More Amazing Stuff!

Almost everybody uses the generic brand of valentines from Walmart, Target, etc. We always have a valentines party for our club. We buy or make valentines that are all the same with maybe a piece of chocolate on them. This year I made my valentines in bulk  the same as every year, but instead of just copying the same message, I wrote something different on each one. 

Yes, it does take more work, but it shows you care. I like to see a handmade card, and I bet anyone else would too! 

Anyway, Valentine's Day is coming up! I am very excited and have been getting everything ready! I made my valentine's for our ruby girls club party, and my mailbox as well. I wanted to show you all what I did!

So my valentines aren't very fancy at all. Just a little flag for a banner with a little message on it. I think they are adorable. I also stuck a Hershey Kiss on the back for good measure! 

My valentines mailbox isn't normal. At all. But neither am I so it works out! This year it's not a box or a real mailbox. It's my blog! I was head over heels when I came up with this! I was so excited. Ashley came in and was going crazy about it. 

So, I guess it's a hit!

I took a screenshot of my blog and then printed it out. I was very happy about the quality. I keep mistaking it for my laptop! I love it so much!!!!!

I'll put up a pic of it on the 13th along with some more on the Valentine's Day party for Ruby Girls Club. 

Love you all! 

XO AnnaD


Monday, February 2, 2015

Double-Twist-Accent Hairstyle

Hi guys!

Today I have for you a hairstyle that will last you at least three days. I've done this to myself and my little sister. Doing the hairstyle takes about 7 minutes on yourself, and 15 on someone else.

You will need:

  • A comb
  • 8 small rubber bands (this is depending on how many sections you do)
  • A squirt bottle with water or detangling spray in it
  • An alligator clip
  • Topsy Tail tool ( (optional.) I am using my own homemade one!)

First dampen your hair and comb out all of the knots and such. About four inches from your forehead, use your comb to pull back the hair on the back of your head into the clip. Second divide the hair on the sides into four sections. Then divide those sections in half. Use your comb, to get the fine lines this is crucial. Secure the section with a rubber band. 

Once all of the section are in rubber bands, you're going to want to loosen the ponytails so you can flip them. Slip the topsy tail tool through the hair. Put hair through the center and flip it. The hair will go under through the ponytail easily. Do the same thing to the back section but when you go to flip it, put in the first flipped ponytail in with the back one. When it flips, it will pull the front back out of your face and it will fall down your back with the rest of your hair. 

Repeat to the other ponytails. There are a lot of instructions to this hairstyle, but once you start, it'll be easy to finish. I did this to my sister's hair while she was watching a movie. So I got to take my time. We pulled her hair back into a ponytail while she gymnastics and let it when she was done. Very convenient! 

I love this hairstyle so much! I hope you do too. Be sure to check back in for more posts like this!

XO AnnaD