Monday, February 9, 2015

Making Valentines in Bulk Special + Some More Amazing Stuff!

Almost everybody uses the generic brand of valentines from Walmart, Target, etc. We always have a valentines party for our club. We buy or make valentines that are all the same with maybe a piece of chocolate on them. This year I made my valentines in bulk  the same as every year, but instead of just copying the same message, I wrote something different on each one. 

Yes, it does take more work, but it shows you care. I like to see a handmade card, and I bet anyone else would too! 

Anyway, Valentine's Day is coming up! I am very excited and have been getting everything ready! I made my valentine's for our ruby girls club party, and my mailbox as well. I wanted to show you all what I did!

So my valentines aren't very fancy at all. Just a little flag for a banner with a little message on it. I think they are adorable. I also stuck a Hershey Kiss on the back for good measure! 

My valentines mailbox isn't normal. At all. But neither am I so it works out! This year it's not a box or a real mailbox. It's my blog! I was head over heels when I came up with this! I was so excited. Ashley came in and was going crazy about it. 

So, I guess it's a hit!

I took a screenshot of my blog and then printed it out. I was very happy about the quality. I keep mistaking it for my laptop! I love it so much!!!!!

I'll put up a pic of it on the 13th along with some more on the Valentine's Day party for Ruby Girls Club. 

Love you all! 

XO AnnaD