Friday, February 13, 2015

Ruby Girl's Club Party - What is Ruby Girls?

Happy-day-before-valentine's-day! I am so excited for tomorrow. Even though I've celebrated Valentine's Day already three times this week, I am still excited.

In my last post, I mentioned something called Ruby Girls Club. Well, here I am to tell you about it and our awesome parties.

Ruby Girls started out as a way for me and my sisters to make friends, We started this club with our only friend, who brought more girls. Ruby Girls got it's name from our first year when we studied Proverbs 31. We got our name from Prov. 31:10.

As the years went on more girls started to come and we were really happy. We were meeting at places besides our house because the large group of girls. We had to split the group in half so that everyone could meet! 

That was the last year with a large number of girls my age. This year we only have 11 year-olds and under (plus my best friend). Ruby Girls is back to where it started as a small group but looking better. 

Now for the party part! I usually help with the parties, but not this time.... I'm doing it! I get to plan the snack list, the games, and when everything will playout. 

I was very excited today. I recommend standing up and doing something like this once in awhile, it really blessed the moms who got to talk and I am pretty sure the kids had fun! It was a great experience for me, and I hope if you try to plan a party you let me know! 

Thanks for reading!
XO AnnaD