Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Drama of a Goat Roast

Right now my dad and some guys from church are cutting up two goats. Yep. Cutting up goat. This is normal in my house, about a year ago, we cut up a pig and cooked it. When I tell anybody they recoil in confusion as I explain. 

This morning my dad and the people went to kill the goats. They striped down the goat, keeping the important organs (such as the heart), and then they brought it here. It was interesting at first. But now I'm hiding in my room after running out feeling sick. Blah. The guys are singing in the kitchen while chopping legs. 

They would not hold still!

 The Leg of craziness!

You might be wondering what this is all about, so I am going to tell you. We're having an african night! Only the food will be african, but still. I am very excited! 

Okay, just entered the kitchen again. When I did, a dented knife showed up, and then someone brought the knife down on one of the legs. The meat on the side splattered everywhere. On the floor, and in my hair. YEY! 

So far this is what it's like. Hopefully the rest of the night will not be as crazy! Come back for more posts!

XO AnnaD