Monday, March 23, 2015

Minion Case and some other stuff!

I've spent two-thirds of my weekend pouring over my three favorite fiction series. I've been so lazy, just sprawled out anywhere quiet reading my books. I guess I haven't gotten over my laziness yet because all day has been a mope-fest for me. 

Weird thing is that as soon as I finished school, I felt better. Crazy right? After I  made cookies, I decided should get to some blogging since I kind of abandoned my blog these past two weeks. 

I have something awesome to share with you guys! I made a minion inspired case. It's a case for a DS, phone, ipod, or anything else like that. I got the pattern from Hopeful Honey. Olivia has made several adorable crochet patterns, like this case. She also created a evil minion case! 

I followed this pattern more or less. Instead of making two extra single crochets in the corners, I just kept going. I made two sides, and one eye with pink instead of grey. You can make two eyes if you want, just make them smaller. Also my smile is pink, again, however you like. My case is a female minion. 

You can find this pattern here. Thanks for stopping by! Subscribe by email and never miss a post. Come back for more here at Girls Love Chevron, because come on, we do. Love you all! 

XO AnnaD