Monday, April 6, 2015

Beach Bag Fun

It is spring break and I know a lot of you are at the beach already or going to the beach. I went to the beach last weekend with my family, and we had a lot of fun. I was so excited to pack my beach bag. I packed it up and was ready to go, but come on, I couldn't go without taking pictures for a post. As soon as the camera was out I was planning what to say and what to take pictures of. Everything, of course!

Packing a beach bag is something very fun to do. I always feel like I'm starting fresh, another chance to not burn in the sun. So I am sharing my bag with you today. Come take a look inside, and if this post gives you any ideas for your bag, let me know! I totally want to see your bags!

For my beach bag I have a blue cheetah print tote that is perfect for carrying lots of stuff. In the tote are some basic essentials for me that have to be taken to the beach. I have sunscreen of course (Spf 50 because I am very scared of burning), and I also have special oil free sunscreen for my face. Sunglasses, two books (The Mother Daughter Book Club, and Anne of Green Gables #5), and a towel are also packed into my bag. 

I always bring a hat to the beach, because it is one of the best things for protection. Some small things are kept in a smaller makeup bag from Clinique. In that bag I keep deodorant, BB cream, It's a 10 Leave in product, and mascara. I also keep a rubber band and headband in there for my hair. 

Also a swimsuit and cover-up are needed in any trip to the water! I loved putting this post together for y'all! Come back later this week for another post for a DIY Cover-up!

XO AnnaD