Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Editing a Binder Cover on PicMonkey

When I started my blog, I found this site called PicMonkey. It is a free photo editor that has all sorts of stuff you can add to your pictures. You can make pictures, collages, and touch up already taken pictures.

 PicMonkey has an option of which you can register for $2.75 a month or just sign up to save your pics. When you register you have access to every font, sticker, touch up tool, etc. They will save your pictures as well. Now when you just sign up, you still have a lot of choices, but you are limited. I did not register, I might sometime in the future, but for now what they have for free is plenty.

The first thing that I did on PicMonkey was make binder covers, so that is what I will show you how to make today!

First pick out the background. (If you can't find one online, or you just don't want to look, there are some links below to my favorite ones.) Don't pick out a background with something already on it, that defeats the whole purpose of this post. When you pick one out from online, you can't copy it (as in copy and paste). You have to save it to your computer. 

Open the picture in Edit. Crop and shape to your liking. I kept mine how it was downloaded.

Next to add text. The trick to make this look professional is to match the font to the style of your picture. The color is also important. I do not ever like it when it's black, I try to match it to the picture as well. You will not find the exact color, but try to get as close as you can. 

I always love to add stickers to whatever I make on PicMonkey. It shows personality. To do this click the butterfly below the text button. Just pick whichever and change the color to your liking. You'll find that when you add a sticker, you might want to adjust your text. 

Save this binder cover, and you are finished. To print the cover paste it to Word and print it like a regular document. Slip it into your binder and admire the awesome thing called PicMonkey! 

XO AnnaD