Monday, April 27, 2015

Sisterly Love: The Crafty Club

When I was seven, my sisters and I would pretend we lived under the trampoline. We would go outside to the back yard with a bag full of clothes, food, and of course soap. We were fully ready to take a bath in a bucket. 

Our yard was not fenced in at all, and across the street was a school. Every time someone drove by our backyard, we would point and run under the trampoline. (Funny thing, my best friend knew me when I was seven, because she goes to that school.)

My mother would text her friends our funny pictures, and tell them about our giant imaginations.

Whew, I am pretty sure one of our weirdest inventions was the P.V.C. pipe swing. Yes, you heard me. A long pipe tied to a rope and then tied to a tree. Many people were injured from that "swing". 

Looking back on all of the weird ideas we came up with, Ashley and Alexis' ideas aren't as crazy. They came up with a club called the Crafty Club. They aren't total weirdos who have clubs by themselves, the neighbor, Maeghan, is in it too. 

The girls make snacks and they came up with crafts to do at their meetings. Yesterday, the second meeting was held. My mom bought them Easter egg dye in March for them to do for one of the meetings, and that is exactly what they did. Ashley and Alexis and Maeghan dyed eggs at the end of April. Not for Easter, just for kicks. 

Aren't they silly? I love these girls so much! Ashley and Alexis and Maeghan will be a post yet again, so stay tuned!

XO AnnaD