Thursday, April 30, 2015

With or Without Heat: Cocoon Curls

Welcome to With or Without Heat, my hair curling and waving series. This series will appear on Thursdays so come on by to learn new tutorials on how to curl your hair. We will use several different techniques, and several different products. If you have any questions or ideas you can contact me at

Today we will being doing a tutorial without heat called Cocoon Curls. For this tutorial you will need:

A spray bottle (filled with water)
Small rubber bands

You need damp hair to make these curls, I usually do them after my shower. It's okay to use the spray bottle, it will get the job done. The spray bottle will also be used to keep the hair wet, so you will need the bottle either way.

Make sure there are no kinks or knots in your hair and decide how many "cocoons" you want. I usually make eight. The more you have the curlier the finished product will be. The best place to position your buns is four on the very top of your head, two on the back of your head, right above the neckline, and one on either side of your head. 

Take one section and twist until it starts to wind up. (If the roots of your hair got dried out, spray them with water.) Wind up the rest of you hair into a little bun.The start of winding will make a great guideline for you, and it will help the hair stay where you want it to. Rubber band the bun. Do this to all of your other sections. 

Now let your buns dry. A great way to do this is by sleeping in them. If you don't have that much time, 20-30 minutes should be good.

Take out the buns and separate them with your fingers. Using a hairbrush can pull out the curls. Shake out your curls and blast them with cold air from your hair dryer. Run hairspray, volumizing, or mousse through your hair and voila! You are finished!

Thanks for coming by! There is more where this came from, come back next Thursday for another post from the With or Without Heat series. There will also be another post soon about my thrift shop finds so stay tuned!

XO AnnaD