Monday, May 11, 2015

Lydia and Her Bracelets

Hey guys!

I want to tell you all about a little girl at my church named Lydia. Lydia is five years old, and she has an older brother named Liam and an older sister named Lili. Her parents Ric and Kim are artists. Lydia is in the class that I help with in sunday school.

Lydia's family is apart of this site called Warm Showers. Warm Showers is a site where you can open up your home to other people who are traveling, mainly cyclist. They have people come in all the time to stay with them. 

The family has also created a facebook page called "Be Ministry." Starring Liam, Lili, and Lydia! You can find them here.

Yesterday, the family went to the Live Oak Festival in Pascagoula, MS. They sold bracelets they made all the way from scratch, they made the beads you guys. They gave the profit to the refugee ministry at my church. 

The beads are all rolled paper that have been glazed. One of my beads is a picture of the beach. I am very happy about that, and I have been showing everyone the "beach and sunset." Lydia, Liam, and Lili, were telling me a lot of the bracelets are made out of homework!

Lydia was the source of this idea. She always rolled up her homework, and that was the start of this amazing little project. It was planned that Lydia was going to make all of the bracelets, but the rest of the family helped as well. There were bracelets leftover, and they brought them to church. 

I found an easy way to make the beads at this link. Making your own is not always the way to go though. If you get a chance to support something like this, remember you could help change someone's life. 

XO AnnaD