Saturday, May 9, 2015

Pinterest Loves

I have spent these past few weeks looking for inspiration on something to post about. I have been looking on pinterest, because that is where I look for everything. I can't even explain the guilty feeling of starting a post with "Hello!" and not having anything to go after that. I found inspiration but I just haven't had the time and energy to post on it. 

I've been working on finishing school, and I only have one page of math left! I have also been working on a Mother's Day post. It hasn't worked itself out. So that post is going to sit in the trash and go through all of it's problems. 

So since I don't have the energy to "brand" my inspiration so that you all can see, I have posted my favorite pins recently. I also have some of my reader's favorite pins!

 Glowing Cupcakes! 
 These are literally the easiest things to make! Peanut clusters. 
 Easy breakfast, easily yummy! Sausage crescent rolls.

Some easy small helps for all you blue eyed girls!

Cute outfit for going out. Keep this style in mind when you want to go for a dressy casual look.

 Very southern. Stay cute, cool, and fresh.
 Okay, I found this shop on etsy that makes the funniest shirts! This is the one I would wear, but check out the shop and let me know your favorite! Sarcastic Shirt.

This is adorable. Super cute, anyone who does this DIY please tell me, send me a picture, anything! You can purchase this clock somewhere, not exactly sure. The clock is called a Tick Talk Clock.

Let's stay easy and stylish. This is a cool craft to do with kids!
 Super easy and cute. Cut slits in the back of t-shirt. Cut of strip on bottom of shirt and use that to tie, or ribbon.
A shout out to moms! We love you all! thank you for so much you do! 
Awesome, easy gift that means a lot. Hand write notes for more sentiment feel.

I hope you get inspiration from this post! You can find more inspiration and more Girls Love Chevron on Pinterest.

XO AnnaD