Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sisterly Love: Ashley's Candy Machines

Every now and then Ashley and Alexis will get out the Legos and spend all day building houses, spinning chairs, cars, and sometimes even candy machines. The girls will literally sit on the floor all day with no arguing except for the occasional bicker over "special" legos. 

Yesterday Ashley and Alexis got out the legos and got to work dedicating the hours of their day that wasn't doing school to the giant box legos. Soon enough they got bored putting houses together, and they started on a candy machine. I got the idea off of pinterest to make these machines, and when we decide what kind of candy machine we want to make we search it on youtube. 

Being the money makers we are, the only machines we make are the ones that don't spit out candy unless you pay. 

All machines have their glitches and these lego candy ones are high on the list. After about two hours the girls finished their machine. But of course, there were some minor details that needed to be taken care of. 

Today, Ashley decided she was going to build another candy machine, and I also decided I was going to make one for my room. Really I sat on the floor laughing with Alexis and Ashley, taking apart Abby's lego house for her pieces when she left the room, and making a magnificent machine from the outside. On the inside there was not but a stack of legos. I don't think I paid enough attention to what I was doing. And even though Ashley was talking with us, she still finished her lego machine. 

So there was a problem. I do not have a lego machine, and Ashley has two. I spent thirty minutes trying to get Ashley to let me have one and no budge. Thirty minutes! But, as soon as I offered to pay for it she was all ears. I gave her $1.50 for that candy machine, and she said anytime it broke and needed repair that would be another $0.25! 

She filled the machine with Gobstoppers, and it was finished. Hopefully. The Gobstopper machine sits proudly on my bookshelf. 

There is only one more glitch that I have to take care of. I have walked in on Alexis taking my candy. She will take off the cap, reach in and run. Geesh! That sneaky little girl.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube videos on lego machines. We have never made any of these machines, but if you have, let us know! 

XO AnnaD