Thursday, May 28, 2015

With or Without Heat: Ponytail Curls W/ Curling Wand

Welcome to With or Without Heat, my hair curling and waving series. This series will appear on Thursdays so come on by to learn new tutorials on how to curl your hair. We will use several different techniques, and several different products. If you have any questions or ideas you can contact me at

Everyone wants to have perfect curls, somehow we always mean "like the girls in the movie." I only ever think of these curls when I'm going to a party and in a hurry. This technique is great for those kind of times. It takes about ten minutes to curl all of your hair. Amazing right?

To do this you will need a curling wand and a hair tie/rubber band. If you don't have a curling wand, a curling iron will work too if you don't use the clamp. The difference between these two is the iron has a clamp. I am using a 19mm curling wand. 

Brush your hair up into a high ponytail. Make sure there are no tangles in the ponytail before you start curling. 

If you want big full curls, pick up thinner pieces, if you want waver curls, pick up thicker pieces. I mixed between thin pieces and thick pieces. Having my hair in a ponytail, I could easily see where my layers were. I focused on making my layers stand out by picking up smaller pieces in those areas. 

Once you have curled all of your hair, pull out the rubber band. Using your hair dryer, blast your curls with cool air. Spray in dry shampoo, hair spray, or texturizing spray to finish off this look!
You are done! I love how this looks, and it doesn't take forever! That's definitely the best part. 

You guys can find me on pinterest at Girls Love Chevron (Shop). Also, you can find more techniques for curling hair on my Hair board. There are some on there that I will be doing detailed tutorials on. So stay tuned!

XO AnnaD