Wednesday, May 6, 2015

With or Without Heat: Revlon Waver w/ Coconut oil

Welcome to With or Without Heat, my hair curling and waving series. This series will appear on Thursdays so come on by to learn new tutorials on how to curl your hair. We will use several different techniques, and several different products. If you have any questions or ideas you can contact me at

I have a tutorial with heat today, and it involves a hair waver. For this tutorial you will need:

  • Melted Coconut oil or Moroccanoil  
  • 3 barrel Waver-Crimper (I am using the Revlon Waver)
  • Texturizing spray (I am using Not Your Mother's - Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray, I got it at Ulta.)
  • A comb with big teeth
Since we are using an iron, you need dry hair to do this. I wave my hair the day after I wash it, sometimes even after that! Shh. Don't tell anyone. 

When I first found this idea, I was like, "Why would I want to burn my hair off? This is the craziest idea ever!" So of course, I did it! The person who I originally got the idea from used moroccanoil, but I don't have that stuff, and I found coconut oil works good too!

I highly recommend using oil on straight hair when using a waver, because it will keep your waves in better than hairspray. 

Start warming up your waver. I start mine at 25 and then turn it down to 20 when it heats up. My waver gets super hot. It has never burned my hair off, so I have faith in it. If you have exact degrees on the handle, instead of 10, 15, 20, etc. Keep it below 400. 

Run the oil through your hair with your fingers, don't go crazy, a little will go a long way. Comb your hair to smooth down the spring-y pieces. Your hair will look wet, but it won't be. 

Take a medium size piece of hair and clamp down on it. Unclamp and move down about every 15-20 seconds. Push the iron towards your head, scrunching up the hair as you go. You might see some steam when you clamp down on your piece of hair, but that is just the coconut oil doing what it is supposed to do. 

The most awesome thing about this method is that if you use a big chunk of hair, you can shake out and it still looks detailed. Also just the volume the waver gives is great!

Optional: When you have finished, you can blast your hair with cool air from your hair dryer. 

Spray the texturizing spray, and scrunch up your hair for extra volume, and a more beachy look. 

Ta Da! Finished!

If you noticed the chevron on the wall, good for you! This wall is in my room, when we moved in my parents painted it for me. So happy. Also if you noticed my new banner on the homepage, you're awesome! 

XO AnnaD