Monday, June 1, 2015

Sisterly Love: Bonding Time!!

So far, I have introduced my sisters Ashley, Alexis, Abby, and my neighbor Maeghan. Maeghan is right in between Ashley and Alexis' age, so they always have someone to play (and fight) with. Maeghan has an older sister and a younger brother, Maribeth and Peter. Maribeth is right in Abby and my age, and Peter is younger than Alexis. Everyone has someone to play with! 

Ever since we moved in, Maribeth and her siblings have been like family. They spend the night all the time, they swim with us, they eat our food. What kind of family doesn't eat each others food? Just having someone always that close is amazing.

Last Friday, Abby and I were invited to Maribeth's dance recital. We got to hang out with Maeghan and Peter before the recital. It was so much fun to listen to them go on and on about food and each other. Although Maribeth is always rehearsing at our house, being able to see the dances together was awesome. I swear our row had the loudest screamers. When the recital was over, we went to Chick-fil-a. 

Hanging out together is a great way to bond. "Oh bonding is weird, I don't need to bond with my friends." Truth is, everyone needs to bond with their friends or sisters, no matter how close you are. Maribeth and Maeghan are always at our house so we get to talk a lot, but at times like Maribeth's recital, it's when we really get to be friends. Same with sisters, Abby and I try to go to the mall sometimes on the weekends, just to make sure we still know each other. 

Some great ways to bond with new people (or your closest friends) are: going on a walk, going to the mall, doing a craft, going to different events with each other. Anyway you hang out will bring you closer. Sometimes I get that awkward feeling of silence with new people I want to be friends with, like you don't know each other. I'm telling you a walk or bikeride will spark up some conversation. Ask questions about that person, find something you have in common. It will definitely help.

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XO AnnaD