Monday, July 20, 2015

Girls Will Cook: Cooking/Baking Tips

Nowadays, not every teenager-young girl knows how to cook. Whether that girl be in school or homeschooled. The point of these recipe posts are to get girls cooking. To make cooking easier, you need to remember five easy to remember points to help you when cooking.
  • Basic fractions
  • To follow the recipe
  • Tastebuds will help you through a difficult recipe
  • Clean as you go
  • Set a timer
Let me explain: You will need your basic fraction when measuring ingredients. You will come to a point when you just start throwing stuff in, but for now, remember to measure. 

I have a few problems the second point, almost everyone does. Sometimes, even if you follow a recipe it won't turn out like the picture or won't taste like the reviews said it would. Some recipes are like that and some are just bad. 

No matter what your mom or older sister said when you were small, you are allowed to taste! Sometimes tasting can even save a bad recipe. If you know that it's bad before you cook or serve it, you can figure out how to fix the recipe.

I am telling you this to save you from future issues: unless you are on a cooking show, you should wash your dishes as you cook. It will be wonderful in the end to be able to sit down and enjoy yourself. If you happen to be on a cooking show, I don't recommend cleaning as you go because it will take up your time. 

Good cooks set timers! If you want to be a good cook, set a timer. It can be the difference between 
something cooked too long, something cooked too little, and something cooked to perfection. 

Come back later for a recipe! 

XO AnnaD