Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Happy Birthday Party Peter!

Never once have I mentioned the neighbor boy who is considered a brother to my sisters and I. Maribeth and Maeghan's little brother Peter just turned seven. We have known this little boy since he was two! I love laughing when someone brings up the well remembered and treasured memory of the time we made him kiss Alexis.

Anyway, he turned seven on the 23rd and today is his party. He will have waterslides, hot dogs, birthday cake, and foam. This birthday party sounds amazing right? The only part that he stood still on was that there shall be no girls at his party. Of course there will be at least five girls but those girls will not be his neighbors, the ones who have loved him and teased him for years. He did though say that we could come after the party is over.

Ashley and Alexis were appalled. I was laughing so hard it was a struggle to breath. And my mom was just worried about whether or not we were getting him a present. Of course we did, he is allowing us to come at some point.

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So here I am shouting out to Peter: "We love you buddy! Happy Birthday, have a great day. Have fun, and I am glad, very, very glad that you know how to deal with girls. It will help you get through life! ;) "

XO AnnaD