Monday, August 17, 2015

11 Year-old Makeup Tutorial

To the 11 year-olds who want to know what to do with their makeup and how to not look like a sparkly mermaid all the time:

Ashley just turned 11 and she got makeup for her birthday and has been begging me to show her how to use it. I have really been thinking about how I want to present makeup to an 11 year-old girl. Because I have come up with a way to do just that, I am sharing it with all of the girls who don't know what to do with their eye makeup!

One you should look at before you get started is the diagram below. It will show you the different sections on your eyelid. I will use the section's names in my tutorial. We won't be highlighting today so look over everything but that.

Image result for eyeshadow diagram

You might have (this is more common for 11 year-olds) a lot of colorful colors and you love to wear to ones that match your outfit. There is a "eh" way to do this and a "wow" way to do this. The "eh" way is just applying the color. The "wow" way does take about 10 seconds more, but you will be happier than you were while wearing just the plain color.  I recommend the "wow" way.
For this tutorial you will need:

  • a cream colored eyeshadow
  • your choice of color eyeshadow
  • eye cream base (if you don't have one use the color white)
  • fluffy eye brush
  • eyelash curler
  • mascara (I am using the Great Lash Big by Maybelline)

Apply the base cream to your lid with your finger (to remember: your hands and fingers are one of your best tools). Next using the fluffy eye brush, apply the cream color eyeshadow to your lid over the base. Lastly take the color eyeshadow and the fluffy eye shadow brush in the outer crease and outer corner. Curl lashes and apply mascara.

If you were to use a brownish color as your second color it would be a beginner smokey eye. In my opinion, that is good for a more dressy event if you want to wear makeup. Do not apply to much of the brown because you will want a innocent look. 

This tutorial is not just for 11 year-olds! This is to get them started. I use these steps as my everyday makeup sometimes, and it's good to know what's appropriate for this age so learning how to apply makeup not so extravagantly is good!

If you have any questions for this tutorial or any questions in general, you can reach me through the contact tab. As promised with each post, a outfit from Polyvore is below. Thank You for reading, come back for more later! 

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XO Anna D