Saturday, August 22, 2015

New Binder Covers To Edit

Hello Everybody! As you might have noticed Girls Love Chevron has been updated. The shop page has been removed, and GLC has been officially renamed Who's Anna Grace. If you head over to my About page you can learn why.

With school here I have found some new binder covers and replaced my ones from last year. I was searching Pinterest and found a blog called Happily Hope. Hope has posted different binder covers that she made to match patterns by Vera Bradly and Lilly Pulitzer. I have not listed all of the patterns but only my favorites out of the many ones she posted on her blog. I did not go through them all on her blog when I was picking out mine for the year. I encourage you to look through them all.

Here is the post for how to use Picmonkey to edit binder covers:
binder covers4

binder covers6

binder covers7

binder covers8

binder covers12

binder covers13

binder covers16

binder covers18

binder covers20

binder covers23

binder covers24

binder covers26

binder covers27

binder covers44

binder covers41

binder covers40

binder covers39

binder covers38

binder covers36

binder covers34

binder covers32

binder covers30

binder covers29

XO AnnaD