Sunday, August 2, 2015


Hello Readers! 

I go through phases always, like it never ends. Pinterest has come to a slow state where it is still loved and addicting, but not in the same way it was last month. When I arrived from Chicago, I found my sisters on a new app called Polyvore.

Polyvore, as I learned, is an app that you can make/buy outfits on. I was super excited about it and got my account as soon as I could. I had the idea of making outfits for this blog/you all! 

I haven't since then announced that my account on Polyvore is: Annad121. Also that if you follow me on Polyvore, I will follow and make you an outfit! Send me this message and i'll get to it: Sub for sub and outfit. 

I will also try to upload an outfit with every post. So you can find new style ideas with every post! Most of these outfits will be legit, and won't cost too much. Occasionally, I will put up some Hope For outfits.

And one more thing, I started a new challenge, and if you are on Polyvore, definitely try it out! It's called the 30 Day Song Challenge. You can find it on my profile. I'm only on day 2, but I already am loving it.

  • You can visit Polyvore here.
  • You can visit my profile here.
Here is the set: 
This one is called Pastels. Simple yet stunning. Love it!

XO AnnaD