Friday, August 7, 2015

Things to remember when starting or improving your business

I don't think it's been announced that my Etsy shop is closed. I am yet to close my page on this blog and replace it with something else. I am closing my shop because of the lack of sales and the time and money that I felt was being wasted. So, I have decided to be a business partner with my friend Rebecca instead because I feel I need something to sell at most times.

As my sisters and parents inform me, I am very bossy and controlling. Since I asked to be apart of the partnership, I won't be able to be as controlling as I would like. As a result, I am putting my outlines/tips for businesses into this blog post for Rebecca and anyone else who is going to start or improve their own business.

  • You need to be able to accept constructive criticism, I struggle with this constantly. First decide if you product is worth selling, than have someone else decide (most of the time your mom will not tell you, so I recommend someone else). If it is worth selling, good job! If it isn't, go back and start over. 
  • Invest in your packaging. It can be the difference of a sale or none. I use small brown paper bags (found at craft store), party favor bags (found at dollar tree), nice envelopes and address stickers. 
  • Advertise your product. If you are nervous about going up to people get someone else to do it for you. When advertising have a good reason or two for people to buy your product or service. Hand out flyers, have business cards, and be FRIENDLY!
  • Asking someone to buy your stuff can be hard, but if you have the right way of mind it will be enjoyable and easy!  If you aren't one yourself, I recommend getting a sales partner. It can be a sister, a friend, who is genuinely happy about the product and wants other people to purchase it. If someone says yes, and wants to purchase your item, automatically get the info you need. If someone says no be understanding, you can say "Thank You for your time, I understand." Do not give up because of a no. 
  • Making the transaction (transaction: an exchange of goods, a product or service)is an easy process if you do it right! When a person says yes to your service or product, and you get the information, get to your orders. Don't lollygag, and procrastinate! This person is paying you. What is a normal and good set up is that the person pays you after the finished product is in their hands. Sometimes though it is easier for the person to pay before hand. 
  • Delivering or sending the product should be quick. Send it out as soon as possible, again, don't lollygag! Get the product to the person in the time you promised it, that will keep people coming back.
  • There are a few small things that make a business looked up to: 

Friendly service and people
Nice packaging (I also put a business card in every package)
Understanding advertising
Never forgetting a customer
Time and love for the work

This will help you through your business and help you understand how other businesses work. If you would like some ideas for businesses let me know by the contact tab, I'll help you out! Thanks for reading!

XO AnnaD