Sunday, September 20, 2015

Book Review: Once Was Lost

Once Was Lost is a book written from the perspective of Samara (Sam) Taylor. The book follows Sam's struggles with her mom in rehab after a DUI, her faith and doubt concerning God, and the father who spends all his time getting through "one more day" pastoring at a church. On top of it all, a 13-year-old girl in their small town goes missing. Sam needs a miracal. But with the everything out of order and nothing how it used to be, will she be able to grasp one?

I recommend this book for 13 year-olds and up, although it's appropriate for most 12 year-olds. This book was written by Sara Zarr and published October 13th, 2009. Paper back has 217 pages.

Having been a pastor's daughter most my life, I could undersand where Sam was coming from. She knew that no one expected her or her family to be imperfect, that all the imperfections were not supposed to be shared, and that being a pastor's kid you weren't supposed to doubt your faith. No one is perfect (a theme that seems to come up during a lot of my posts). Obviously no one told Sam or her family that. But as the book and characters progress, they start to understand.

I love how this book hit so many points that we can understand through life. I also love that you can clearly see the characters grow and open up. With a beautiful ending and a great plot I recommend this book for you to read whether you be the pastor's kid, one struggling with your faith, or just looking for something to read.

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XO AnnaD