Monday, September 14, 2015

Peanut Butter Chocolate S'mores


Yesterday the cold front finally hit Mobile. Although it's not really a cold front, but we definitely got a nice day that was perfect for a campfire. We invited some people over and lot's of fun and s'mores.

When we say "having people over for s'mores," it's more than chocolate, marshmallows, and gram crackers. Although whenever the s'mores make it's way to our house we have more than just a basic s'more. We have some special tricks up our sleeves when it comes to s'mores and I am here to share them with you.

First, you need to know, my family LOVES the peanut butter chocolate mixture, almost every tub of ice cream we bring home is peanut butter chocolate, every cupcake has a Reeses peanut butter cup in it, and that's just the beginning.

When my dad brought home the snack size Reeses peanut butter cups as chocolate instead of Hershey's chocolate, our household as we know it was changed. If you love this idea you should definitely try it out! It is amazingly good.

Next peanut butter chocolate combo was discovered when we let some bicyclist stay in our home over night. We had a campfire and a new way of making s'mores. The three guys brought the idea of the open top and peanut butter and dark chocolate chip s'mores.

To make these s'mores spread some peanut butter across half a gram cracker. Next lay dark chocolate chips on the peanut butter. Roast your marshmallow lay it on the gram cracker, do not add other half on top. This version cancels out a part of the sweetness from the marshmallows making a nice bold taste. Also, it's a lot less messy!

Those are my family's favorite ways -besides the original- way to eat a s'more. If your family has any special way to make a s'more, you can comment below, or send them to me via email through the contact tab.

Thank You for reading!

XO AnnaD