Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Favorites

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Today I'm listing my September favorites. This is new to me and something I've been wanting to get into lately but haven't had the time (not that I have it now, but still). I'll have little descriptions so just scroll through and if you see something you like or want to try it out let me know in the contact page!

Out of my five mascaras that I have right now, Pumped Up Colossal Volume Express has been my favorite.

I've used this BB cream for forever! It's always done me good and it lasts nice and long.

Sometimes instead of a pencil eyeliner I like to use a pen eyeliner for a smoother and more exact look. This one by e.l.f. was only $2 and is really good quality.

I got this Lancome lip gloss about two or three months ago and I just now started using it. I've loved the way it sits on my lips with the sparkles but without the annoying texture. The shade is Hot Number.

This Wet and Wild glitter was only $1! The packaging says to only use on body and face but I've used it on lips too. It has a lip gloss-y texture and it worked perfectly mixed into a toned gloss, and added a nice amount of sparkles.

Last but not least for beauty and hair products is my feather extension bobbi. Basically just a clip attached to feathers on a small chain. I just recently broke this out and I fell in love with it all over again.

I got this perfume last year at Christmas for $3 at Bath and Body Works and have had it since not really using it because it didn't really fit the season. But as it is now, it's my new favorite. Honey crisp Apple and Buttered Rum Orchard. 

And my favorite hair product this month is Batiste's dry shampoo. Love it! I got the scent Floral Essences.

My favorite three books this month are The Distance Between Us, On The Fence, and The Fill-In Boyfriend. These were all written by my favorite author this month Kasie West. 

I also have included my favorite BIBLE VERSES! All are Proverbs because that is the book I'm going through right now. They are Proverbs 16:2, 16:6, 16:9, 31:25-26, 31:30.

I recently just went to Pay-less and got two new pairs of shoes. I got this pink pair of pumps for $10 and went on my way leaving behind "my" (really my two older sisters') second choice. After a week of agonizing nights (some filled with tears) of thoughts of those shoes which I let get away, I went back to Pay-less and returned the pink pair. I found the blue and ended up getting both for a total of $15 because of a sale. Yay! These are my two new faves for shoes!

A friend of my family gave my sisters and I some of her unused stuff and this purse was among that stuff. I love this purse and have used it all month. 

My top 10 songs include some older ones but I still love them all the same: God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton, House Party by Sam Hunt, First by Lauren Daigle, Fly by Maddie and Tae, Even So Come by Kristian Stanfill, Between The Raindrops by Lifehouse feat. Natasha Beddingfield, When The Stars Burn Out by Philips, Craig, and Dean, Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars, Play It Again by Blake Shelton, In The Eyes by 1 Girl Nation.

And Lastly, my favorite Polyvore outfits for this month:

 AshMade by @ponyboysgirlfriend
 Fall means footballMade by @ponyboysgirlfriend
 Untitled #108Made by @annad121 (me)
Sweater Weather!Made by @annad121 (me)

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