Wednesday, October 21, 2015

5 Different Ways To Wear a White Dress

Hey guys!

I recently just purchased a new dress, and I'm so excited to share my ideas that involve it It's egg-shelled colored and is semi lacy. It's super easy to work with, and it's something that I've really needed. The greatest thing about this dress is that it can be used as a base for jackets and accessories.

After playing around with the different styles I could create with the dress I've decided that everybody needs a dress like this. So if you're looking for one that's similar to the one I have, look at Target, that's where this dress is from. Everyone of the outfits I've created can be re-created with a plain white dress. I would love to see these outfits re-created! Send me your pics at
For this first outfit, I have a red belt buckled around the waist and simply tied a navy blue polka dot scarf in a bow around the neck. When I see this outfit I automatically think of Titanic. Th style from Titanic makes me think nothing of this outfit, but more of traveling by sea.

The second outfit I put together is very simple as it just has a flannel thrown on over the dress. I wish I had used the red belt again in this outfit to complete it, because it doesn't look finished. But you can imagine it's on the dress just like I'm doing. Anyways, there is a more country look created with the flannel and I would love to see this outfit with cowboy boots!

The way I put together this outfit is kind of tricky because the sweater over the dress. This sweater is not naturally cropped so you have to roll the bottom in a certain way for it not to look strange. Then the belt has to be put on slightly but not all the way over the sweater. This outfit creates another Country Chic look that will be worn in the fall. 

The trick with this outfit is putting on the cardigan before the belt. It will help the belt stand out and keep the cardigan out of the way. I just love this cardigan, and so many others do too. My sister once tried to smuggle it out of my room when I wouldn't let her have it. I just absolutely love the way cardigan falls over the dress, it's almost cascading.

You can see that I love this belt because it's reappearing again, and I try to never do that sort of thing. This is another Country Chic look with the jean jacket vest over this belt. I believe with all my heart that this belt makes anything look country. 

Come back on Saturday for the Art Of Fall post! 

XO AnnaD