Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Art Of Fall: Formal Eye-Makeup

Hey guys! An update for this fall series:  There are a lot of recipe ideas that I want to post for The Art Of Fall but I don't want to be constantly posting recipes, so give me some ideas of what you want to see and I'll try to make it happen. Some of the ideas I will be posting can be altered to fit into many other seasons, you should keep an eye out for those posts.

Every post I've done for makeup has always been natural, but every eye-makeup tutorial from now on for the fall season, will not be natural themed. This tutorials are for dances, formals, costumes, etc. The eye-makeup tutorial I am posting today can be used whenever. I usually wear this at dances, parties, and special occasions.

You may not be able to find the same palette I'm using, but just be creative! Your eye-makeup doesn't have to turn out exactly the same as mine, and it might not even if you do have the same palettes and shades of eye-shadow.

Let's get started!

What you will need:

  • Eye lash curler
  • Mascara
  • Eye shadow brush (this is not an eye shadow sponge brush)
  • Eye shadow blending brush
  • Eyeliner pen or liquid (for a smooth finish rather than chalky finish you would get with a pencil)
  • Cream eye shadow slightly shimmery (# 2 This color that I used is from Destination Sunshine palette by Lancome)
  • Gold eye shadow with shimmer (# 1 This color that I used is from Destination Sunshine palette by Lancome)
  • Plain bronze eye shadow (# 3 This color that I used is from Destination Sunshine palette by Lancome)
  • Chocolate colored brown slightly shimmery (# 4 This color that I used is from Destination Sunshine palette by Lancome)
  • White eye shadow (# 5)
  • Eyelid primer, concealer, or moisturizer
  • Face wash

How to apply:

(The eye shadows have been numbered so the names/shade won't be in the directions. You can find them above.)

Always before we put makeup on we should wash our faces and moisturize. I've never said that before, but I know now that not everyone does that. Washes our faces before we put on makeup cleans out our pores and gets the germs off our faces, putting up a barrier against rashes. Also, you won't have to wash your brushes as much.

After you have that out of the way, gently rub in the primer or concealer to the eyelid. If you already moisturized you can choose to skip this step. Using the eye shadow brush, apply eye shadow #1 on the eyelid, blend this color upward towards the end of the eyebrow. Changing to the blending brush, blend eye shadow #2 from the inner corner of the eyelid to mid-lid.

Switch back to the eye shadow brush now, because we're going to do a little contouring on the eyelid. Take eye shadow #3 and work into the crease starting right above mid-lid and going down stopping right before you make it to the out corner of the eye. Now you can blend the eye shadow up towards the end of the brow. Don't go all the way to the brow, stop about half way to it. Now blend eye shadow #5 from the arch of the eyebrow slightly downwards. What we are doing with eye shadow #3 and #5 is highlighting and bronzing, which is a very easy way to make the eye makeup stand out.

Use the blending brush to apply and blend in eye shadow #4 into the crease. This color should appear very dark when first applied, but should blend into the other shades nicely. Only blend this color into the crease. The eye shadows are finished.

Before we move onto the eyeliner, curl the lashes. For the eyeliner, you will want to start with a very thin line along the lash line. As you move towards the corner of the eye, thicken the line. Wing the eyeliner up so it points to the end of the eyebrow.

Coat the lashes in mascara once or twice and you are finished!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, come back next Saturday for another fall post!

XO AnnaD