Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Just In! New Book List!

Hello everybody!

I just finished another book, and I am here to share the books I have read in the past week. I finished two last week and one just now, so a total of three and I wil have two more for you at the end of this week or earlier next week. As you may remember, I mentioned in my October reads that I will be continually posting the books that I go through.

I read three books and I have listed them in the order of which you should read first and which I liked the most.

Tailor Made Bride
Ages 12 and up
Image result for to honor and trust

To Honor and Trust
Ages 12 and up

Image result for a hopeful heart 
Hopeful Heart
Ages 12 and up

I have come to love Historical Christian Romance (Fiction) and you'll see most of my books will be in that genre. Do not judge a book by it's genre! Just because it's historical, does not mean you won't love it.

I love you all!

XO AnnaD