Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Art Of Fall: 2 New Fall Hairstyles!

Bonjour! Welcome back to The Art Of Fall, I am super happy you are hear to celebrate this beautiful season God has given us with me. I enjoy writing for you guys about this, and I hope you all enjoy it as readers!

I haven't done a hair tutorial in awhile, so to catch up, I have two new ones for you all today! Get excited because it has everything that fall and November ask for. But to top that off, the tutorials are easy and DIYs! Yay!

The first tutorial I have is called the Half Up Braided Bun. You can use straight, curly, or wavy hair to do the bun. Whichever seems better for your hair and the time you have. I am using wavy.
First you will want to pull the hair from just above the ears into a ponytail. Next take three medium sized chunks of hair from the ponytail and braid those pieces. Now you can finish this in two ways. You can either twist all the hair, including the pieces you braided, into a bun. Secure with rubber band. Or you can use a bun maker to create the bun. Both ways look fabulous, so whichever one you pick will work out.

The second and last tutorial I want to share is very simple and called a Twisted Pull Back. I will be using wavy hair again with this tutorial, but whether the hair is straight, curly, or wavy it doesn't matter.

Pull back two sections of hair to the back of the head and secure with a small elastic. Flip that pull back three times into itself. Loosen the twist so that it is softer. You are finished!

Wasn't that easy? Come back next Saturday for another post from The Art Of Fall.

XO AnnaD